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Suction Element SE 1

For the suction removal of used lubricant in single-line lubrication systems

The External Suction Element SE 1 was especially developed for single-line lubrication systems in wind turbines to cleanly remove so-called “used grease” from a bearing. The used lubricant is collected in a used grease container AFB 10 with a 10 liter capacity, and can be reused for the lubrication of pinion gears.

As a result, the problem of used grease in bearings is reduced. The lubricant does not force it`s way through seals, and does not dirty the area around the bearing. Likewise, the reusage of the used grease lessens the environmental impact and conserves resources.

Hub with external suction elements SE 1

The overall small dimensions make it possible to use in small bearings. In consultation with the bearing manufacturer, it is possible to retrofit.

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